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Minor Surgery

About the package

Practitioners providing minor surgery services must undergo re-accreditation every three years in accordance with guidance from NHS England.

This package is specifically designed to provide the certificate of evidence of ongoing medical education for practitioners wishing to accredit and reaccredit for minor surgery at Level 2 and 3.

You cannot attend a practical course without providing a copy of this certificate.

We also run a Minor Surgery community which will provide peer support and where you can connect with Dr Zaid Hirmiz, Dr Mark Coombe, and the rest of the FourteenFish team.

What's included?

This minor surgery package consists of a series of video modules which take you through:

  • the basic principles of minor surgery
  • rules and regulations
  • different ways of excising a lesion

Before and after each video module you will be asked a short series of questions to test your knowledge.

To generate the certificate of completion you will need to watch in full all of the videos and answer all of the questions provided.

£75one-off payment



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