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Bulk purchase

We have tried to make purchasing for others straight forward and it is simply a case of following the steps below. If anything isn't clear please don't hesitate to contact us.


(if you already have an account skip this step and login to the FourteenFish website)

Any member of the team can register with the FourteenFish website for free and get started.

To register simply visit and click Register now then enter a few basic details.

You will then be sent an activation email that will enable you to set a password and log in.

Payments page

Once logged in visit the payments page by clicking on the Payments menu tab at the top of every page (highlighted in the screenshot below).

Payments tab highlighted


To enable you to pay for others you first must create a payment community and invite your colleagues to join.

This is easy and first click I want to pay for my colleagues.

Next you will be asked for a title for your group or community and a brief desciption. This would normally be the name of your organisation and then perhaps just: Community formed to administrate payment for appraisal subscription and feedback surveys.

After this you will be taken to the Community purchase page. You can return to this page in future by visiting the Payments page then clicking the link for the relevant community.

On this page you can invite members simply by entering their name and email address. You can also purchase credits using a payment card (you will be emailed a receipt on purchase).

Community purchase page

Bulk discount

If you purchase over 4 credits then a discount of 10% is applied to the total. Once over 4 credits have been purchased for your community and purchases from then on will have the 10% discount applied.

Use of credits

Once the community has credits associated with it then any of the members of the community are eligble to use the credits as payment.

To use the credits they must just visit the relevant payment page.

  • The appraisal payment page is found by clicking on Subscription: None currently link on the appraisal overview page.
  • Colleague feedback payment is found by clicking on Pay now from the feedback setup page.
  • Patient feedback payment is done on the setup page itself.

On the relevant page they should see the following:

Community credit pay link

If they don't see the area labelled Community credits then it is worth checking the Community purchase page for the community to make sure that there are still credits and checking the user is a member. If this is not clear please contact us.

Feedback credits

Feedback credits can either be purchased for use with an appraisal subscription or without an appraisal subscription. 

They are cheaper with an appraisal subscription but these can only be used by users with an appraisal subscription. If you are purchasing appraisal subscriptions and feedback for members then they should pay for an appraisal subscription prior to trying to use credits to pay for their feedback. They will be prompted to do this on a feedback page if there are appraisal subscription credits available to them. 

If this is not clear please contact us.

Colleague feedback surveys for other members of staff

Any member of the practice team can set up a Colleague 360 survey.

We have specially tailored surveys for Practice Managers, Practice Nurses, Receptionists and other Practice administrative staff.

There is also a survey for Medical Educators.

Printing out Patient Feedback questionnaires

Once your colleagues have joined the payment community you can print out patient questionnaires for them to hand out to patients.

From the Community purchase page you will see a link titled Patient feedback PDF which enables you to download the PDF to print out and hand out to patients.

The address to send the completed patient surveys is:

FourteenFish Ltd
Forest Road



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