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Database help

Membership management

An easy to use yet extremely powerful way to manage all your members' details. Build up case records for members simply by emailing.

Store multiple roles for each member and build a database for your organisations (places of work or otherwise)

Powerful mass emailing module. 

Modular design

Manage elections using your database.

Manage events through the system. Events can then be booked publicly or just by members.

Save powerful custom searches built on rules so if you add a new member matching the rules these are picked up.

Powering your website

Flexible website content management system.

Because it is linked to your database you can unleash powerful features to make your website much more personal for your members.

Members can pay your membership fees through your website.

For anymore information please don't hesitate to Contact us.

Guidance & help pages

Saved searches

Saving searches is a powerful way to save and combine custom searches. However, they can take a bit of getting to grips with. Recipients Remember you always have...

Parent events

Parent events are for when you wish to link events together where users can book on all the events at the same time, for example an event over several days or a...

Event Feedback

How to add an Event Feedback Survey to an Event From the event view page click on the link to Setup event feedback. Please note if this is your first time on using...

Practices with closed lists

We have added the ability to be able to mark practices as having closed lists. You can record when a list closure was requested - if it is accepted or declined, if...