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Event feedback

Adding a event feedback survey for an event

From the event view page click on the link to Setup event feedback (shown below). Please note if this is your first time on using Event feedback there is a standard set of event feedback questions but if you wish to add your own see the section on adding new questionnaires below.

Setup event feedback link

Next you just have to enter a brief title for the feedback survey (this is pre-populated with the name of the event). You can enter an introduction that will appear in the invite email and on the response page. Then you can select the questionnaire for the survey. There is a standard event questionnaire - if you wish to create new questionnaires please see below. The date to send is optional and must be in the future and means the invites can be sent automatically on that day (for example the day after the event).

Adding Recipients

Once the basic details above have been added attendees from the event will be added as recipients automatically. There is also a link to give people to complete the feedback anonymously - ideally you add them as recipients as this means you can track responses. People using the anonymous link are asked to enter their details but this is not enforced.

Viewing results

As soon as there people have responded you will see a link to the results summary and you can also click to view individuals responses from the recipients table.

Setting up new Questionnaires

From the Events admin page click the Event Feedback link. On this page you will see a link to Questionnaires. On the questionnaires page you may add new questionnaires, edit existing ones and set up new answer sets. When adding a question it can have an answer set (i.e. true/false, poor to excellent) and these can all be custom added also.


As always if anything isn't clear please don't hesitate to get in touch by clicking the Contact us link at the bottom of every page.

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