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Frequently asked questions

I've forgotten my password

There is a forgot password reset from the log in screen

I'm an appraiser - how do I see my appraisers material

This and more is on our Appraisers – getting started page.

Where do I send the patient surveys to?

FourteenFish Ltd, Unit 5B, Landford Industrial Estate, New Road, Landford, SP5 2AZ.

Can I pay for my colleagues?

Yes - we have a guide to this at Bulk purchase  but please don't hesitate to Contact us if anything isn't clear.

I can't see entries in my Learning Diary?

Commonly this is either because one of the filters is set on the Learning Diary page. Or it may be because you have more than one account with the system. Any problems please  Contact us


Question not answered above. There is a powerful search on our  Help page or  Contact us.

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