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Giving others access to Friends & Family

This page details how to give others access to your Friends and Family Test, or any other patient survey that you set up through this website.

The following assumes you have first created a feedback survey. If not please see Creating a Friends and Family Survey.


Communities are membership groups which you can create or join. They are secure space to build a knowledge network or resource library. See our communities page for more information.

Sharing administration and access to patient feedback is now also done using this Communities function on the website.

Firstly you need to create a community to share your feedback with, if you havent done this before see our creating a community video.

Giving access to your Patient Feedback

Once you have created your community, you need to invite your members by selecting 'Invites' from the toolbar along the top of the page. Enter the details of who you would like to invite then select their access levels, making sure you tick the 'Organisation feedback' option.

The invitees will receive an email containing a link to join your community using their own FourteenFish account.


Now you have created the community, you need to share your Feedback Survey with them. This is done in 'Survey Setup'.

Select the Feedback page from the toolbar at the top of the screen, then 'Survey setup' for the relvant survey - as shown below.


Next, select 'Edit survey details above'.

You can then select the community you wish to share your feedback survey with from the drop down list, click save and this survey is now shared.

The members of your community will now be able to access this survey from the 'Feedback' tab in their own FourteenFish account.


Any problems or if anything isn't clear then please Contact Us

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