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Popular questions

How do I reset my password?

Go to the log in screen and click Forgot your password.

Where do I send my paper patient surveys to?

FourteenFish, Unit 5B, Landford Industrial Estate, New Road, Landford, SP5 2AZ.

Why is FourteenFish on my bank statement?

We process payments for other organisations. Find out more

I'm an appraiser, how do I see my appraisee's material?

This and more is on our I'm an appraiser page.

Am I allowed to use FourteenFish for my appraisal?

Yes you are, regardless of what area of England you are in. Really.

Can I buy FourteenFish for my team

Yes, and you'll save 10%. Find out more about bulk purchase.

Help videos

We have over 30 videos on how to user FourteenFish as well as other useful things.

Videos section