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Adding Learning via email


You can email to easily capture your learning or indeed anything you want to store in FourteenFish.  You can do this from any of the email addresses on your account, and it's possible to add as many emails as you want.

How to add your first entry via email...

  • Send an email to including any attachments from one of your registered email addresses.

You can make your emailed learning more detailed by following the following guidance:

Using hashtags when emailing learning ...

You can use hashtags when emailing in to capture learning points, reflection and even roles & tags.

  • To capture learning: (or a description for QIA's etc) start learning with #learning (with a space after learning before the body of your text)
  • To capture reflection: start learning with #reflection 
  • For credits: #credits

Any text before #learning will be put in private notes

  • To attach the entry to a role or tag just include your role/tag names each starting with a # anywhere in the email (with a space after the tag name)

Important: If you are using hastags in this way please indicate the end of the entry using #end

Emailing QIA, significant events or feedback...

If you wish for an email to become a QIA entry then put #qia in the subject of the email (you can still have other descriptive text in the title).

  • For significant events: #sie
  • For colleague feedback: #cf
  • For patient feedback: #pf

Emailing attachments to a Learning entry...

You can either add an attachment to your Learning entry while you are creating the initial email


If your Learning entry has already been created and you would like to add the attachment at a later date by:  

  • Opening your Learning entry
  • At the bottom of this page you will see an specific email address to link attachments to this entry eg.
  • Copy and paste this to an email and add your attachment
  • Send email!

How to add additional email addresses...

We have a help page to talk you through this, please just follow the link...  Adding additional email addresses.

You can add as many alternate emails as you like which will enable you to submit from those accounts into this website.


As always, if you have any questions please get in touch by emailing!