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Bulk purchase Colleague Surveys

Are you a Practice Manager and you'd like to purchase Colleague 360 Surveys on behalf of your whole team?

You can do this by setting up a Community for your practice.  Communities are groups on FourteenFish that you can control the membership of. Teams are special Communities through which you can pay for members surveys and appraisal subscriptions and help with survey setup.

How do I make a bulk purchase?

To get started

  • Register with FourteenFish (if you haven't already). Any member of the team can register with the FourteenFish website for free and get started.
  • To register simply visit and click Register now then enter a few basic details.
  • You will be sent an activation email that will enable you to set a password and log in.

Set up a Team

  • Once logged in you will be taken to the Dashboard and from there you simply click the link to Manage FourteenFish for your team (yellow banner at the top of the page).
  • You will then be asked to enter a name for your team, for example The High Street Medical Practice. Adding a team sets up a FourteenFish Community.

Add colleagues to your Team

  • To add a colleague you simply click the Add a colleague button. The first time you do this you are given a chance to add some text, of your own, to the welcome / invite email sent to colleagues, after this you simply add the name and email of all your colleagues. If they are already a user of FourteenFish then they will be joined to the Team and emailed to let them know. If they haven't yet registered with FourteenFish they will be sent an email invite that has a link to create a FourteenFish account and join them to your team.
  • Keep adding colleagues until your Team is complete. You can add more colleagues if your team grows.

Purchasing credits

  • There is a link on the managing team page to Purchase credits. This takes you to the basket page where you just select the number of credits to purchaseIf you purchase over 5 or more credits a discount of 10% is applied to the total.

Applying credits

  • From the Managing Fourteen Fish for your team page you can click Details to view the relevant members page. 
  • Set up Colleague or Patient Surveys (if they haven't already got them)
  • Use credits to mark surveys as paid 
  • Alternatively your Team are able to apply credits themselves and we have a Help Page to assist them with this

Please also see our Blog 'Team Purchase - Made Easy' for more information: