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Giving access to Friends & Family Test

When setting up a Friends and Family Test for a practice it may be useful to allow several administrators access to the survey.  This can be achieved by associating the survey with a Community. This is also useful to maintain the survey in the event of Colleagues joining or leaving the practice.

It maybe that you already have a practice community (to provide surveys and appraisal subscriptions etc.).  Alternatively you can create a new Community to manage the Organisation Feedback. Any administrator of the Community can then access the reports and manage the payment of the survey.  

To create a new Community

  • You can do this by clicking the Communities button on your FourteenFish dashboard, then selecting Create a community.
  • You can then name your community and can add a description if needed.
  • You need to invite the members to the community - this is done by clicking on the community, and clicking on the manage members button on the right of the screen.
  • Using the Invite new member button you can then add your GPs names and emails, and they will either be added to the community if they are current FourteenFish users, or prompted to create an account if not.

To begin a Organisation Feedback Survey

  • Go to Surveys from your dashboard
  • Click Create new survey
  • Select Organisation Feedback
  • Survey setup
  • Edit survey details
  • Community scroll down your list of communities and select the one relevant to the survey.