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How can I classify CPD type?

You can add a simple CPD entry quickly and easily from the dashboard

To do this please click on 'What have you learned today?'

or click here,


However, in some cases you may want to add a different type of entry, e.g. Feedback, Complaint, QIA, Significant Event or PUNS & DENS and for this you will need to go into your Portfolio.

  • Select Portfolio from the top toolbar of your dashboard
  • Then click on + New entry from Supporting Information.

  • You can then select a CPD type from the pop up menu

You can then create your entry and save.  This will then appear in the right section of your Supporting Information.

If you have created an entry and you wish to change the type please follow this link...changing entry type


If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us at