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How to add a Role to your Appraisal

Alternatively you could watch our video on how to Create Roles and Tags

We have introduced 'Roles' as a way of being able to categorize your learning to your different areas or scope of work.

For example you might set a Role as GP for your GP work and another as Teacher for your role as a teacher of medical students.

You can then add further tags such as Clinical and Managerial, and these can be attached to a Role.

This is to help you demonstrate your learning across your different roles or scope of work.

How to add a Role...

  • Click on Portfolio in the top toolbar from your dashboard
  • Scroll down to Scope of Work in your current appraisal

  • Here you can both add and manage your roles to complete your Scope of Work

(If you undertake a low volume of NHS General Practice clinical work please be aware that in July 2018 NHS England released new guidance for those GPs who work fewer than 40 sessions per year. If you work fewer than 40 clinical sessions per year in NHS General Practice then you should complete a "Structured Reflective Template" (SRT) to include in your appraisal. You should also seek advice from your local appraisal service or revalidation team as they may require further information in addition to the SRT form.  The SRT is available on the Scope of work page, just below where you add your roles.)

  • When adding a new role you will also be able to tag your role by type

Now when you are creating a CPD / Supporting information entry you will be able to attach this to the Role it applies to.  


As always if you have any question please get in touch by emailing!