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Limited Choice of Appraisal Toolkit

My Designated Body has said I can only submit my appraisals on certain toolkits such as Clarity or the MAG form what should I do?

We can understand that it is difficult for Designated Bodies and Appraisers if there are loads of different toolkits being used in an area. However, our toolkit is very similar to the MAG MAF form and Appraisers need no teaching to use our toolkit for an appraisal. In fact the feedback we get from Appraisers after they use the system is extremely positive. 

The summary our system produces is also very similar in structure to the MAG MAF form and all the information is embedded into the PDF ready for your appraiser to send to your Designated Body.

Please do get in touch with us if you are being advised you have to use another toolkit and you would like to consider using ours. With your permission we can then contact your Designated Body and see if we can help.