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Appraisers – getting started

We are passionate about improving the quality of appraisal. For us that means giving both appraisees and appraisers the best tools, and providing first class support when they need it.

What do I need to know?

If you appraisee has chosen to use FourteenFish, you will receive an email from the system as soon as they put in your details in the toolkit.

You can then either log into your existing FourteenFish account if you have one, or register for a new account if not. This is a quick process, and of course there is no charge for appraisers to use our system.

Once you've "linked" your account to your appraisee, you'll be able to view all their appraisal details and start your preparation. We've gone into a bit more detail below, with screenshots of each step.

Appraiser step 1

Appraiser 2

Appraiser step 3

Appraiser step 4

Appraiser step 5


Frequently asked questions

Do I have to pay?

No. Appraisers do not have to pay to appraise an appraisee on the website.

How will I know when an Appraisal is ready?

Once an appraisee signs off their appraisal you will be emailed. If you have already linked to your appraisee following the steps above then the email will be sent to the address you registered with. Otherwise the email will be sent to the address the appraisee has entered for you, and you'll need to follow the steps in the screenshots above to create your account.

What if they have set my email address as a different one to my website account?

The email inviting you to link to their appraisal will contain instructions on how to link it your existing FourteenFish account.

Where is the Appraiser's Area?

You can visit the Appraiser's Area by clicking 'Appraisal' from the menu bar, then select Appraiser's Area. If this doesn't appear for you, this is because you haven't yet linked your account to your appraisee. Find the email from our system (in Step 2 above) and click the link in that email.

Preparing for an Appraisal

Once the appraisee has submitted their appraisal to you, you will be able to access all their appraisal preparation material. The appraisee can also give you early access so that you can view this before it is formally submitted to you.

The appraisal preparation page will give you a guide as to what you have left to complete until you can sign off the appraisal.

You can enter information before the appraisal in preparation. The appraisee cannot see this infromation until you sign off the appraisal. The exception to this is the PDP, which you can work on together.

Sign off process

Once you have signed off the appraisal the appraisee can no longer update the appraisal information and they can review what you have entered. At this stage they can message you back to clarify or ask something. If they do this the appraisal is re-opened for you both to update the information if relevant. Once you have both signed the appraisal off it is permanently locked. More information on the sign off process is on the appraisal preparation page.

Any questions or feedback?

We recognise the value in making the process for appraisers as smooth as we can so please do get in touch if anything isn’t clear or if you have any feedback on how we can improve something. You can get in touch simply by emailing or by using the contact us link at the top of every page.


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