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How to create a Patient Survey

This is conducted on paper forms that are handed out to your patients and collected back in for you, typically, by a member of the Reception Team within your Practice. Once you have created a survey in your FourteenFish account, you have access to a personalised .pdf file that you download to your computer and print out. We need 34 responses (inline with GMC requirements) and once you have them, you can either send them to us by post or scan and upload them to us. This costs £28.

To create a Colleague Survey

  • Log in and click on Surveys via the Dashboard

  • Then click on Create a Survey in the grey toolbar.  

  • Select Patient Survey, choose your Patient Feedback type
  • Next you will be able to complete you Self Assessment

  • Print out 50 copies of the patient survey

  • Ask your Receptionists to hand out surveys with a pen to patients

  • Patients put their completed surveys in a box by reception

  •  Once you have at least 34 replies you send them back to us via post or scan and upload them via your FourteenFish account

  •  We will then enter the data for you

  •  A few days later you will receive an email to say that the report is ready to view and download