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Looking after the fish

We are by no means perfect but with everything we do we always try to find the most environmentally friendly option. Recently we have reviewed our company sustainability policies and taken a closer look at what it is that we are doing or could do better to reduce our footprint on this planet. 


As FourteenFish grows as do the events we are invited to. Events are a great way to engage with our audience, meet new people and spread the good word. We are lucky enough to be invited to a number of local events as well as events far and wide. This year we have attended Red Whale GP Update courses across England and we have attended a number of LMC events. We consider each event carefully before going as we know and understand the impact travel has on the environment. We travel by train mostly and try to keep our car and plane travel to a minimum. 

Something to remember us by

When we go to events it is always helpful to have something to give to somebody, especially if they haven’t heard of us before. A little something to jog their memory or some important information to help them get started on our site. With the diversity of products we provide this can mean a lot of different flyers. Thankfully the company we use to do all of our printing use 100% recycled paper for our flyers. 

Typically at an event we will take along pens and post-it notes as they seem to go down very well with event attendees! We have recently changed our post-it notes to 100% recycled paper. We have swapped our pens out for sustainably sourced wooden pencils too. 

In the office

From the start we have always printed as little as possible in the office and thankfully our work doesn’t call for a lot of printing anyway.

The FourteenFish website you all know, love, and use is run on servers operated by Amazon Web Services. At the moment 50% of the energy used to power our servers is from renewable energy sources such as solar and wind. Amazon have a commitment working toward a 100% renewable energy supply and have made big steps to reduce their energy usage overall by optimising how they run their data centres.


Although the FourteenFish team has grown over the last few years we remain a small tight knit team. Thankfully this makes it easy for us to stay on top of keeping our environmental impact to a minimum and it is a priority in all of our minds. 

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Tuesday 13 November 2018