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Managing Events

This guidance describes how to submit events on the FourteenFish website and other websites powered by FourteenFish, such as the Wessex GP Education Trust (WGPET).

It is also useful as a guide if you wish to use the events management system just to manage your own private community events, such as practice meetings.

First you need to register or create as a community which we describe on our page Registering as an Event provider.

To post events to other websites than just FourteenFish you need to Requesting to link to websites for events.

If you have accepted a request to join a community then, once logged in, visit the Communities page then click on the relevant community from the list in My Communities.


Managing events is done from inside the community you wish to manage events for. Then visit the events page on the community navigation menu shown below:

Events in community navigation bar

This takes you to the Event management page.

On this page your events are listed past and present. To add a new event click Create an Event.

This takes you to the event details page. Whilst most of the entries are self explanatory some require more detailed explanation.

If Bookable event is ticked then this means events will be bookable through the site. For any payments taken through the site there is a 5% administration charge. Payments are reconciled once a month. For more information about paid bookable events Contact Us.

If Private is selected then only members of your community will be able to see and book on the event.

About the event is where you can enter the text of the event. Here you can add links and images. There is more guidance about this on our pages: About us and Formatting Library entries (the latter still applies to formatting of event text).

Bookable options

If the event is bookable then extra options apply to the event. Each of the options have guidance next to them but if anything isn't clear please Contact Us.

Advance options

Once you have added the basic details of the event you will be taken to the Event view page. On this page you can add admin event notes along with any attachments. Attachments can be for attendees only (bookable events only) or for all.


Logistics is the page where information on event venue is recorded. It is important to add the post code of the venue here so the event can be displayed on the Event map.

Website options

This page deals with which website(s) the event is displayed on along with Tags and Event topics.


The following menu options are only for bookable events:


This details the different pricing levels for the event.


This is where you can set up an automatic reminder for attendees.


You can see who is booked, edit, cancel and refund bookings.


You can create or automatically generate a certificate for attendees to download from the website or email them all out from within the website.


If you would like any more information on any of the above or if anything isn't clear then please don't hesitate to Contact Us.


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