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Underneath it’s still the same

Same login details

Your account details are still the same, so just log in to access your account.

Same easy to use system

Apart from some minor improvements and a visual overhaul we haven’t made many changes to the system. Everything should be familiar to you if you’re an existing user.

Improved design

We think you’ll love the new and improved design, and if you use a mobile device to access our website you’ll find the experience much more enjoyable now.

Why we changed it

Although the website started out tool for LMCs, we quickly realised that we wanted to branch out beyond this. For the past couple of years we've been running the myLMC and Revalidation Toolkit websites alongside each other, but soon both of those websites will be phased out.


Do you work for an LMC?

You may have heard about myLMC as a tool for running your LMC and your website. To avoid confusion with our other products which used to be know as myLMC we've rebranded the system as FishBase.

This also reflects the fact that other organisations use it, not just LMCs. Find out more