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PAG / PLDP panel feedback

FourteenFish is working with NHS England South Wessex on a feedback tool for PAG/PLDP panel members for NHS England South (Wessex) to be able to gain colleague feedback relating to their role as a panel member.

Results of the colleague feedback are seen by NHS England South (Wessex).

Set up is straight forward but if anything isn't clear please do Contact Us by clicking the link at the top of every page.


Join the PAG/PDLP Community

The feedback tool is available to members of the PAG/PDLP Community. 

If you are already a member you will be able to see a link to the Community from your FourteenFish dashboard (once logged in) or My Communities page. 

To become a member you have to be invited by NHS England Wessex. If you haven't already had an invite then please speak to NHS England Wessex. If you have then you just need to click the link in the email invite to accept the invite. (if you need another email invite NHS England Wessex can resend this for you).

You do not need to register first with the website before clicking the link - if you aren't already registered the website will guide you through this.


How to set up the feedback survey

Once you are a member of the PAG/PLDP Community (see above) and logged into the website then click the Feedback menu tab (at the top of every page).

On the Feedback page click on the link to Create new feedback survey

Create new survey

Then select the type as Colleague under Feedback for you as an individual.

Colleague survey type

This will take you to the page to choose your questions set and select the question set: Questions for PAG/PLDP Members (click Use)

You will next be asked to accept the information about survey checking and results.

You will then be taken to the survey setup page as shown below.

PAG / PLDP survey setup

At the bottom of the page you will see an area headed Create or use a survey template. This is optional and is if a colleague has shared other colleague details with you.

The setup process is simple and the first step is to click on the link to Complete your self assessment.

Next you add colleagues. This can either be done by entering name and email details or you can click the link to Import Colleagues from your Community to use details of other members of the Community.

Once you have added at least 10 colleagues (and done your self assessment) you will be able to click the link to Send out your Invites.

Once the invites have been sent you can return to this setup page to see how many of your colleagues have completed the survey (but not who).

Once you have had enough replies to be able to complete the survey you will be emailed to let you know you can complete the survey which is also done on the setup page. The survey is only ever closed automatically if all your colleagues reply.

Once closed the results are checked by NHS England Wessex and once this is done you are emailed to let you know the summary is ready.

To view the summary log in to FourteenFish and then visit the Feedback page and the link to view the summary should be clear.

If anything isn't clear at any time please do Contact Us.