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Populating a Community from your database

You can now add contact details from your database people records into a community!

This is done using Mailing recipients - so first make sure your recipient list is cleared for your current mailing then add the people you want to as recipients to your current mailing.

Then switch to the Communities page and visit the page for the Community you wish to invite new members to.

If you then click the link on the right to View invitations you should see the page shown below with the option to Pull recipients from current mailing. (The number in brackets indicates the number of recipients in your current mailing). 

Please note: This option is only visible if you have recipients in your current mailing.

Pull recipients to community invites

Once you have clicked this link you will be taken to the page that shows you all the people in your current mailing recipient list along with how many will be added (those with no emails or with emails already matching existing invites won't be added).

On this page simply click Create invites from recipients to create the invites.

This will return you to the invites page once it is done with a confirmation message.

Remember: they haven't yet been invited at this stage. You next can send out the emails from this page by selecting which ones you wish to invite then clicking Send invites to selected.

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