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Recording a preparatory report for doctors on the IGPR scheme

The following guide is for GP trainers / educational supervisors to record a "End of Preparatory Phase Structured Report" on doctors they are supporting.

Getting access to the Doctors' portfolio

The first step is for the doctor on the IGPR scheme to provide access for you to their portfolio. There is a guide to doing this at: Giving your trainer access

Viewing the Doctors' portfolio

Once you have access then click the Trainee Portfolio link from the main dashboard.


This should then take you to the page that lists any doctors that have shared their portfolio with you:

Trainees shared

Click the link to view the relevant shared portfolio.

Trainer assessments

The trainer assessments are listed at the bottom of the Portfolio overview page. 

Trainer assessments

The preparatory report can be found by clicking the Reports link.

Trainer reports page

 From here click on a new preparatory report and you can then record and save your assessment.

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