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Recording Mentorship sessions

If you have a mentor you can now use FourteenFish to record any meetings, make action plans, review them and store notes. There is also a link to the Work Life balance questionnaire from the mentor pages and you can share your notes with your mentor.

Getting started

Assuming you have created an account (if not simply click Register from the home page) then visit the Appraisal section linked from the dashboard. The link to the Mentor section is on the left hand menu (or can be reached from the hamburger menu top left on smaller screens).

Mentor section link

Mentor link on the left hand menu is shown above and the hamburger menu that smaller screens use is shown below.

Hamburger menu

Linking with your mentor

The first thing to do is to link to a mentor that you have been set. This is really easy to do - just click Link to a mentor then enter their name and email details. You can also enter a personal message if you wish.

Link to a mentor link

Once your mentor has been invited they will be emailed and invited to link to you. They do this simply by clicking a link in the email and setting a password if they don't already have a FourteenFish account or if they do then by logging in.

After your mentor has accepted your invite to link you will be emailed and the Mentor page will change as shown below:

Mentor now linked

You can now quickly message your message through the system and you can start to plan and record meetings. 

Recording and planning meetings

Click the link to Arrange a new meeting (shown above). You will then be asked if you know the date of your meeting or if you wish to send a few options to your mentor for them to pick. Either route will walk you through the process and once a date is set you will be taken to the Meeting page where you will see the option to start to capture plans for your meeting and a link to the Work Life balance questionnaire.

Mentor meeting

Click the link to Add an entry and you will be asked if you wish to Record a Mentorship discussion or a mentorship review.

What's the difference between a Mentorship discussion or a Mentorship review?

If you are in your first mentorship meeting or you are starting to tackle a new issue or situation that you haven't discussed before then select the Mentorship discussion template. The Mentorship review template is to follow on and review a previous discussion and so asks for your previous action plan as the first element. When recording an entry you can select whether this entry is private to yourself or if you are happy to share it with your mentor. If your mentorship is being facilitated by a wider organisation or Community then you will also have the option to share your entry with the administration team of that organisation.



We hope you find the Mentorship tool useful and we welcome any feedback. As always if anything isn't clear then please don't hesitate to get in touch by using the Contact us link at the bottom of every page. We are currently working on the functionality that a review of a mentorship discussion automatically captures the previous entry.