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Registering as an Event provider

The following guide details how to register with the FourteenFish website to then be able to submit events.

These events can then be displayed on sites that use FourteenFish to power their website, such as Wessex GP Education Trust (WGPET).

Step 1. Register with the website

Visit then click Register now and enter some basic demographic details as prompted.

Once you have registered you will be sent an email containing a secure link to set your password. Click the link, set a password and you will be logged into the FourteenFish website.

Step 2. Set up a Community

Our website has a communities section that facilitates access to the Events management system. Communities can be any organisation. Communities can have members and build up a resource library for the purposes of this guide we are just going to concentrate on the Events management system.

Click the Communities tab on the top menu or from the dashboard link. There click the option to Create a new Community which should take you to the following page:

Add new community


On the New Community page the name and description are self explanatory but you can untick Library unless you also wish to use the site for a resource library.

In the membership options you probably want to leave the selection on Invite only.

The Advanced event options are in case you wish to submit events that others can book on. If this is the case then there is a 5% administration fee for any payments made through the website. Payments are settled monthly.

Cheques payable is for the name you wish cheque's to be made payable to if this differs from your community name. The email address for monthly summaries is the email to send any payment information to. The department for cheques is if your organisation has a department that cheques should be sent to (leave blank if not).

You can ignore Payment administration and then click Save.

You have now created your community.

There is more information at: Requesting to link to websites for events and Managing Events.


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