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Requesting to link to websites for events

The following guidance is aimed at Event providers who have registered as a community on the FourteenFish website and wish their events to be listed on websites powered by FourteenFish, for example the Wessex GP Education Trust (WGPET).

First visit the page for your community (See Registering as an Event provider for more information).

Then click on the Events link on the community navigation bar shown in the screenshot below:

Events in community navigation bar

Now this should bring up a submenu from which you should have the option Website links. Please click this link.

You can then request a new link to a website. The administrator of the website concerned will then be notified. When they action your request you will be emailed with the decision and any message that they include.

If they do decide to link with you then they still will have to include individual events that you post onto their website.


Also see: Managing Events

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