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Giving your trainer access

This page shows you how simple it is to provide your education trainer or supervisor access to your FourteenFish trainee portfolio. This also provides access for them to be able to see your viewing and test scores for the FourteenFish learning packages (e.g. AKT, I&R package).

From the dashboard click the Trainee Portfolio link shown below:

Trainee portfolio

This will take you to your trainee portfolio that you can use to store learning information (if you haven't got another tool supplied to you already) and you can also provide sharing access. From the left hand menu (or click the hamburger menu top left depending on the width of your screen) select Sharing.

Portfolio sharing

Then simply enter the name and email address of your trainer and they will be invited to link to your portfolio. You can remove this access or invite others to have the same access from the same page.

For trainers to then view your portfolio they simply visit the Trainee portfolio page and click Shared portfolios.

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