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Data security on our website

We take your data security very seriously and recognise it is paramount to your use of and confidence in this site.

If you are ever concerned about your data security then please contact us as we are always happy to discuss this further.

We don't store payment card details.

A brief summary follows below but for more details please see our Privacy policy.

What will you do with my details?

We will never pass your details on to anyone else. (Appraisals will be seen by your appraiser with your consent and may be automatically sent to your Designated body on final appraisal sign off).

Do you analyse user data?

We have previously reported on feedback statistics and user data as a whole when working with appraisal services or other educational organisations.

We will never use identifiable or individual data without express permission.

What access does the LMC have?

Some Local Medical Committees (the bodies that represent GPs) also use this website as their database. They are only using the data that they already have. This data is their own data and it is separate from the data that is used for user logins, learning etc on the website. The LMC data remains under their control and we (FourteenFish) will not use that data to contact you or for any other reason, unless asked to by the LMC.

If you have requested a link to an LMC and then change your email address, they will be notified of the change (this is only if you link to the LMC which you will have had to select during registration or on your My Account page).

None of the other data that you enter for your learning - such as your Learning Diary or Appraisal information can be seen by the LMC whether you have linked or not.

The colleague feedback summaries are checked before you are sent them and more detail about this can be read on the FAQs: Colleague Surveys page.



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