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About us

At FourteenFish, we’re simplifying the appraisal process for healthcare professionals.

Performing appraisals and recording CPD can take up valuable time. Our cloud-based appraisal solution makes it easy to record information for your final appraisal portfolio, allowing you to spend more time focusing on your patients.

With options specifically tailored for different healthcare professionals, we’re supporting everyone from GPs, paramedics, nurses and midwives, to practice managers, trainees and appraisers.

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Support for clinicians anytime, anywhere

Whether it’s recording CPD, learning reflections or personal development plans, our Appraisal Toolkit is designed to support healthcare professionals at every point in their career. You can even work on your appraisal on the go using the FourteenFish Portfolio app.

We support Appraisal and Revalidation organisations too. The FourteenFish Appraisal and Revalidation Management System (FFARMS) allows administrators to manage each aspect of the appraisal and revalidation processes seamlessly – and it’s fully integrated with GMC Connect.

Ongoing development

FourteenFish doesn’t just help to record your professional development – we provide it too. Whether you’re preparing for your SCA or AKT exams, or if you’re a GP looking for CPD in vital clinical topics, we have a range of learning resources available to help you succeed.

From training modules and instructional videos to online assessments and mock exams, we’ll guide you through the next step in your career. And if you’re looking for a place to get organised and connected, visit Communities – our one-stop platform for document storage and collaborative discussion.

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The best part? It’s free to switch to us, even if you’re part way through your current appraisal. Just send us your most recent appraisal document and we’ll do the rest.

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Adam Batty Adam Batty

Adam Batty

Market Lead

I am responsible for the commercial side of the FourteenFish business, facilitating communication and cross-departmental support across the full range of FourteenFish products and services.

What I do outside of FourteenFish: I enjoy playing and watching sports (particularly tennis, cricket, football and sailing), and to relax I like to read, watch films and socialise with friends.

Fun fact: I once got cornered by a herd of long-horned cattle out in the New Forest and ended up stuck in a tree for several hours until they got bored and left.

Ashley Brookesmith Ashley Brookesmith

Ashley Brookesmith

Senior Software Development Engineer

I joined the development team in June 2023. I'm tasked with writing, reviewing and teaching others how to code.

What I do outside of FourteenFish: I spend my time playing with and supporting my two children. I'm an active person and enjoy running, swimming and cycling (but not all on the same day anymore!). I've recently taken up Shotokan Karate and I'm currently an orange belt.

Fun fact: In my formative years I represented Great Britain in the Age-Group Sprint Triathlon Championships in Edmonton, Canada and Auckland, New Zealand.

Tom Budden Tom Budden

Tom Budden

Digital Media

Having spent the last 10 years in the music industry, whilst having a variety of part-time jobs on the side, I’m now thoroughly enjoying being part of the FourteenFish team. I work on digital media production, which includes filming and editing our education modules.

What I do outside of FourteenFish: I’m another cycling-obsessed member of the office, regularly competing on and off-road.

Fun fact: I’ve recently taught myself various kids TV theme tunes on the keyboard. My 1 year old loves it!

Brook Elgie Brook Elgie

Brook Elgie

Head of Development

I joined FourteenFish as CTO in 2019, after several years working with Open Data in the non-profit sector. I'm responsible for technical strategy, and keeping the servers ticking over.

What I do outside of FourteenFish: Yet another FourteenFish cyclist, I compete on the road in local races. I also love walking my crazy dog in the New Forest.

Fun fact: I'm teaching myself to play piano.

Yuchen Fu Yuchen Fu

Yuchen Fu

Senior Software Development Engineer

I drink tea and write code! I spend my days clacking away at my keyboard, maintaining existing stuff and adding new stuff.

What I do outside of FourteenFish: I'm a hobbyist musician. I've played the cello since I was young, and I also enjoy learning to play new instruments - I can play piano, guitar, ukulele, flute, and I'm currently learning the clarinet.

Fun fact: Though I grew up in the UK, English is technically my second language, Mandarin Chinese being my first. I'm from Wales, so I also speak a little Welsh!

Matthew Goodridge Matthew Goodridge

Matthew Goodridge

Consultant Support Agent

I am responsible for answering users' questions and helping them with any issues they might have with the service.

What I do outside of FourteenFish: In my spare time I am often learning new things (usually to do with computers) or playing sports/swimming when the weather is nice.

Fun fact: I spent some years travelling the UK on a converted double-decker bus.

Jamie Hendrick Jamie Hendrick

Jamie Hendrick

Consultant Support Agent

I work on the FourteenFish Support Desk, answering questions or resolving queries users may have.

What I do outside of FourteenFish: I play 11 a-side football every weekend and I have recently taken up golf. I like to spend time with my family where I can.

Fun fact: I can juggle!

Sophie Hicks Sophie Hicks

Sophie Hicks

Portfolio Content Creator

My role involves creating content for our trainee portfolios. This could be anything from assessment forms to exams. I also assist the product team with our escalation backlog.

What I do outside of FourteenFish: Outside of FourteenFish I enjoy spending time with friends and family, baking and sewing.

Fun fact: I have two different coloured eyes!

Lauren Hucker Lauren Hucker

Lauren Hucker

Senior Software Development Engineer

I work with the team to build new features for the website and fix any bugs.

What I do outside of FourteenFish: I'm new to the UK so I spend most of my spare time exploring. Living in London, I am making the most of the live music scene, going to theatre shows and eating my way through the treats at the different markets around town.

Fun fact: Just before I moved to the UK I spent 2 months hiking the length of the South Island of New Zealand.

Lee Male Lee Male

Lee Male

Product Manager

I am the Product Manager for FourteenFish. I am responsible for gathering customer requirements and defining their vision with engineering as well as overseeing product strategy and delivery. 

What I do outside of FourteenFish: I am a competitive Powerlifter and singer/guitarist with my bands Faux and Placeholder.

Fun fact: A song I wrote was once used in a high street clothing brand's TV advert.

Chris Paul Chris Paul

Chris Paul

Software Development Engineer

In January 2021 I left a ten year career as a teacher to join the FourteenFish team! I’m a Software Development Engineer, building new features and improving our portfolios.

What I do outside of FourteenFish: Outside of FourteenFish I enjoy cooking, playing music and exercising.

Fun fact: Once, when my dog escaped, I locked myself out of my house and had to walk to my wife's place of work in my pyjamas, carrying the dog, to get a spare key.

Jo Rees Jo Rees

Jo Rees

Support Operations Lead

My time is spent helping users with the FFARMS platform as well as offering additional support to the FourteenFish Support Desk. You may also bump into me at an event or two!

What I do outside of FourteenFish: I enjoy reading, swimming and exercise classes such as Body Combat and Zumba. I have recently completed my Level 2 City and Guilds in Floristry and enjoying making flower arrangements for friends and family. I also like taking part in various ‘experience days’ including zip wiring, indoor sky diving and being a mermaid for the day!

Fun fact: I have moved over 20 times in my life (so far!) including growing up in Perth, Australia and spending 2 years in Vancouver, Canada.

Jonathan Rial Jonathan Rial

Jonathan Rial

Education Director

I bring my clinical and educational expertise to FourteenFish to help design the portfolios and the education packages.

What I do outside of FourteenFish: I like going to the gym and like other members of the FourteenFish team, I like Road cycling (ideally abroad!).

Fun fact: I have an Instagram account for my Siberian cat.

Hannah Roche Hannah Roche

Hannah Roche

Consultant Support Agent

I can mainly be found on the FourteenFish Support Desk, answering any questions users have.

What I do outside of FourteenFish: My favourite thing is to go on adventures with my two children. I can also be found drawing, sewing, doing pottery, upholstering or laughing with friends.

Fun fact: I can clog dance!

David Shill David Shill

David Shill

Appraisal Lead

I spend my time supporting the appraisal side of FourteenFish and the organisations that use our FFARMS system. You may find me getting stuck into things all over the place though.

What I do outside of FourteenFish: I start to get withdrawal symptoms if I’ve not been up a mountain, under the water, or on an expedition of some sort after a few weeks down time… if I’m not on a trip, I’m probably planning one!

Fun fact: I probably spend more time under my Land Rover than in it.

Sarah Smith Sarah Smith

Sarah Smith

Consultant Support Agent

I'm here to help! I spend most of my time on the FourteenFish Support Desk, answering your queries. I also maintain the Help Centre on the website.

What I do outside of FourteenFish: I spend most of my time running around after my two children, husband and wayward cat!

Fun fact: I didn't start drinking tea until I was 38 – and now I can't get enough of the stuff!

Lucy Thompson Lucy Thompson

Lucy Thompson

Data Support Administrator

My main job role is to process Patient Feedback Surveys and related Help Desk tickets.  I am learning how to do Appraisal Transfers as well.

What I do outside of FourteenFish: I enjoy family time with my husband, three teenage children and very crazy dog.  I also like catching up with friends and enjoying nice food and drink.

Fun fact: I used to be an Air Hostess for Virgin Atlantic.