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Education Packages

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Dr Mark Coombe was the deputy lead of the group that set up the RCA in July 2020. He has been an examiner for the MRCGP for over 20 years, and has helped thousands of candidates through various consulting skills exams.

This package is specifically designed to get you through the RCA. We have developed a series of videos that will take you through all aspects of the exam, how to maximise your score, and how to focus your revision.

You have access to the full FourteenFish clinical library which is full of important relevant updates that are likely to come up in the exam.

We also run an RCA community which will provide peer support and further increase your score.

The RCA Package has been updated for the September 2021 changes to the exam, and includes the North West England Consultation Toolkit.

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£175 for 12 months access. Find out more.


Pass the AKT

With over 10 years of experience as an examiner for the MRCGP, Dr Mark Coombe has already helped thousands of candidates pass the exam. Now he's here to help you with our AKT Package.

This package is specifically designed to get candidates of all abilities through the AKT. You cannot pass the AKT exam without working hard, but efficient focused learning is the key.

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£95 for 12 months access. Find out more.


GP Library

With GPs under more pressure and with less time than ever before, we saw the need for an ultra-convenient way of staying up to date with the latest guidance.

Pick and choose from over 80 concise video modules on the most common topics you encounter as a GP. Now you can do your CPD in the way that suits you best.

Watch the video modules on our website, or via the Apple and Android apps.

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£5.99 per month, cancel any time. Find out more