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Clinical Library

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CPD for busy GPs

  • Over 50 CPD video modules created by FourteenFish covering common Clinical topics
  • Over 1,000 knowledge test questions
  • Access the Library via the FourteenFish website or with the iPad, iPhone and Android apps
  • Videos are updated when new guidance is released and brand new videos are added every month
  • Download videos to watch or listen to offline in the mobile apps
  • Two free modules for you to try, and you can subscribe to the full FourteenFish Library for only £5.99 a month
  • Cancel any time – the subscription can be stopped and started to suit you

Why did we create the Library?

The idea for the FourteenFish Library was conceived by Dr Mark Coombe. With GPs under more pressure and with less time than ever before, we saw the need for an ultra-convenient way of staying up to date with the latest guidance and getting those 50 hours of CPD.

We don't try and cover the whole of general practice in the Library. That would almost be impossible. Instead, we focus on the most common topics you encounter as a GP.

You can take a short knowledge test before watching most modules, and then again after to (hopefully!) show that you've learned something, which is a great basis for reflection.

And of course, the Library integrates seamlessly with the FourteenFish Appraisal Toolkit and the Learning Diary just as you'd expect.


Comments from GPs

You can review each module after you've watched it to give us feedback that will help shape the Library.

Have just done your recent update module and managed to multitask by listening and getting a pile of ironing done. Excellent way of learning and keeping up to date. Dr Lynne Macready

Completing the module has completely changed my thinking and history taking on men with LUTS and differential thinking on LUTS vs Prostate Cancer symtpoms. Dr Andrea Stanley – LUTS module

A brilliant video by Dr Mark Coombe, focuses on the guidelines in a precise manner and guide us how to approach a patient with heavy periods, avoiding unnecessary investigations. Dr Mahwish Usman – Heavy Menstrual Bleeding module

A useful module which contained some good learning nuggets. Mark is a clear speaker and brings in some of the uncertainties from his own clinical practice to give the guidelines real-life applicability. Dr Antony Willman – Depression module


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