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360° multi-source feedback

Tailored colleague 360 surveys for all practice staff, including GPs, practice managers, practice nurses, receptionists, medical educators and other administrative staff.

Questions are different depending on your profession and are ideal for GMC revalidation.

Patient surveys

Patients love our paper-based surveys. Download the surveys from our website, print them out and then send the completed surveys to us for data entry and analysis.

Feedback for your organisation

Our iPad based feedback tool allows your organisation to gather feedback from patients quickly, easily and cost effectively.

Get up and running with a Friends and Family Test in just 10 minutes. Find out more about our FFT solution.


Great looking results and analysis


Get your results fast

Don't wait weeks for your results. We will usually get the results of your patient survey to you within 1 working day of receiving the completed questionnaires.

Only £28

Save 10% by purchasing 5 or more surveys for your practice. Find out more


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Feedback and Surveys reviews

Have found the FourteenFish website is proving invaluable both for my personal learning and appraisal but also the Communities element for helping to develop a virtual community of practice for a small medical education charity. Great feedback from everyone who has joined up after I have shared my experience with them. Dr Patrick Naughton-Doe on 10 May 2018

It's a great appraisal toolkit. Specially as it provides us with full package for appraisal and revalidation with its own collegue and patient feedback facilities. Finally it has an excellent video learning module to learn, refresh and accrue CPD credits for appraisal and revalidation.. Having said that I still find a bit confusing few terms like Tags, Roles, Filters . Dr Ahmad Siddiqui on 4 January 2018

My daughter who is a trainee GP suggested Fourteen Fish to me. I found it very customer friendly and very efficient, this time I have just used it to complete my MSF and PSQ cycle as I am still registered with clarity at the moment. Thank You for sorting my feedback summaries so efficiently and with in such a short space of time. Thank you . Anonymous on 16 November 2017

This is my 3d appraisal using the Fourteenfish Toolkit which has been amazingly improved each year and now so simple to use. Great value for money : I could not be more happy! The Patients Survey and MSF are easy to set up and results promptly received. Most helpful. Dr Jean Aldric on 13 December 2016

By using Fourteenfish I felt confident submitting my application and feel totally prepared should my portfolio be recalled. I used all areas including the feedback surveys and felt very supported by your whole team. Mrs Julia Whiting on 24 February 2016

My third appraisal on this tool. It is very easy to use particularly importing learning activities. It almost makes me want to buy a better phone so that I can use the app! One feedback note. I have just set my revalidation date and there appears to be no way of going forward on the calendar drop down other by one month at a time , which is a lot of clicks to go forward 5 years. Dr Richard Cribb on 22 November 2015

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