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Appraisal Toolkit

Appraisal Toolkit for doctors and nurses

Thousands of medical professionals like you are switching to FourteenFish for their next appraisal. Our system is easy to use and will save you time.

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Happy Doctors

I just wanted to feed back how amazing your toolkit and app is. My appraisal prep over the year has been simple, stress free and it has saved me about 2 days of preparation time! thank you!!

Happy Doctors

Dr Helen Phillips (GP) on 9 February 2016

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Appraisal Toolkit for GPs reviews

I found this toolkit easy to navigate and user friendly. The support staff are very helpful and easy to reach by email or phone. For me it is life changing, it took the pressure of the preparation process of the appraisal. Definitely recommend it. Thank you Dr Minar Parsley on 8 February 2018

tip top appraisal tool kit Dr Simon Thompson on 8 February 2018

Fantastic website - Simple and easy to use. Makes appraisal so much easier. Would highly recommend. Dr Amina Ahmed on 26 January 2018

Really pleased for the chance to move away from the traditional MAG form to the innovative Fourteenfish website Anonymous on 25 January 2018

Now my 5th year of using Fourteenfish for my appraisal and it just keeps on getting better !! Thank you Anonymous on 23 January 2018

I am retiring yipee!! I will not be completing an appraisal this year I have had enough and I am escaping. I did find Fourteenfish excellent, it really eased the pain! Well done to all first rate product. Dr Sandy Galloway on 4 January 2018

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