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Appraisal Toolkit

I just wanted to feed back how amazing your toolkit and app is. My appraisal prep over the year has been simple, stress free and it has saved me about 2 days of preparation time! thank you!!

Happy Doctors

Dr Helen Phillips (GP)

This appraisal toolkit is excellent for appraisers as well as for appraisees. The concept and design are extremely transparent, slick and practical. In fact, it makes the entire appraisal process including sign off etc. much, much easier than any other on-line appraisal toolkit I know. I hope that more doctors will use FourteenFish instead of these other, much clunkier options, which I frankly silently dread every time. FourteenFish is a win-win all around, both for doctors using it, as well as their appraisers.

Happy Doctors

Dr Tillmann Jacobi (GP / Appraiser)


FourteenFish Appraisal Toolkit

  • Only £49.99 per year  
  • Founded and run by a GP (actually three GPs)  
  • 10% group discount for 5 or more GPs  
  • 30% discount for RCGP members  
  • Free for First5 GPs (see below)
  • No multi-year contracts
  • iPhone, iPad and Android app  
  • Capture CPD from any website using our web clipper  
  • Capture CPD by sending an email  
  • Free switching service – we'll move everything over free of charge even if you're part way through your appraisal preparation  
  • Free to try – with no time limit  


RCGP30% discount for RCGP members

RCGP members can now benefit from an automatic 30% discount on the FourteenFish Appraisal Toolkit, bringing the price down from £49.99 per year to just £34.99 (inc VAT).

If you're already a FourteenFish customer and an RCGP member, then the discount will be applied automatically the next time your annual subscription is taken. If you're a new customer, then you will be given the discount automatically when you go pay.

Free for First5 GPs

The RCGP will fully fund the FourteenFish Appraisal Toolkit for 5 years for any GPs who gained their CCT from 2021 onwards as long as they remain a college member. The free subscription will be automatically applied when you go to the checkout page of FourteenFish.

Portfolio app

Use the FourteenFish Portfolio app to work on your Appraisal any time, anywhere. The app is tightly integrated with website, and allows you to manage all your appraisal entries with ease. Download the free iPhone, iPad and Android apps now. Find out more...

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This is the first year that I have kept up with logging CPD by using the main toolkit and mobile app on a regular basis and the intuitive nature of the design has made it extremely easy and an absolute joy.

5 starsDr Jonathan Dixon (GP / Appraiser)


Free transfer service

Thinking of using FourteenFish for your next appraisal? That's great!

Let our transfer team take all the work out of moving over to us, even if you're part way through an appraisal.

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Only £49.99 per year

It's completely free to try out, and you only need to pay once you're ready to submit your appraisal to your appraiser. Price includes VAT.


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Appraisal Toolkit for GPs reviews

I changed to fourteenfish from another leading appraisal toolkit since last year - I have no plans to go back. Should have been on fourteenfish from the start. It is so easy to use and navigate. No brainer. Dr Biren Patel on 29 February 2024

Dear Fourteen Fish - thank you for helping over the years with gathering all the info for my appraisals, and helping to alleviate the "pain" involved(!) Anonymous on 6 December 2023

I have been doing my appraisals for over ten years now. I dreaded using the MAG form and had palpitations each time. It was slow, would not allow me to save my work which was very frustrating. For 2 years now I have used Fourteen Fish and I feel so happy and relaxed when using it. Even the patient and colleague questionnaires are in-built and so easy to use. The results were collated with 24 hours. Thank you for a great service. You recognised a huge gap in the market and filled it. Dr Fawzia Hardy on 13 October 2023

Very easy to use, but as the appraisal and revalidation process is mandatory it should not incur an expense. Up until this year I had used the MAG form without issue only to be informed by my responsible officer that this was no longer an option. Why am I forced to changed and forced to pay? Dr Matthew Sowden on 18 September 2023

I like the format for myself but find clarity easier to work through as an appraiser Anonymous on 4 July 2023

better than the old MRCGP portfolio and easeir than Clarity for appraisals I would say Dr Rebecca Gledhill on 1 December 2022

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