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Appraisal Toolkit

I just wanted to feed back how amazing your toolkit and app is. My appraisal prep over the year has been simple, stress free and it has saved me about 2 days of preparation time! thank you!!

Happy Doctors

Dr Helen Phillips (GP)

  • Founded and run by a GP (actually three GPs)  
  • Only £42 per year  
  • Paper-based patient surveys for £28  
  • 10% group discount for 5 or more GPs  
  • Free to try – with no time limit  
  • No multi-year contracts
  • iPhone, iPad and Android app  
  • Capture CPD from any website using our web clipper  
  • Capture CPD by sending an email  
  • Free switching service – we'll move everything over free of charge even if you're part way through your appraisal preparation  
  • ISO 27001 certified

Saving GPs time, and stress

The FourteenFish appraisal toolkit is simple to use and beautifully designed. We’ve built our entire system from the ground up to encourage GPs to think about appraisal throughout the year as opposed to the usual last minute rush.

Our range of tools and apps makes CPD recording effortless and the whole appraisal process much more enjoyable.

Happy Doctors
Appraisal Toolkit overview and Learning Diary app

This appraisal toolkit is excellent for appraisers as well as for appraisees. The concept and design are extremely transparent, slick and practical. In fact, it makes the entire appraisal process including sign off etc. much, much easier than any other on-line appraisal toolkit I know. I hope that more doctors will use FourteenFish instead of these other, much clunkier options, which I frankly silently dread every time. FourteenFish is a win-win all around, both for doctors using it, as well as their appraisers.

Happy Doctors

Dr Tillmann Jacobi (GP / Appraiser)

Free transfer service

Thinking of using FourteenFish for your next appraisal? That's great!

Let our transfer team take all the work out of moving over to us, even if you're part way through an appraisal.

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Only £42 per year *

It's completely free to try out, and you only need to pay once you're ready to submit your appraisal to your appraiser.

* including VAT with a no-obligation free trial


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Appraisal Toolkit for GPs reviews

Slick and intuitive. Appraisals couldn't be any easier. Looking forward to seeing the new trainee ePortfolio platform which fourteenfish are developing for the RCGP. Dr Daniel Webber-Rookes on 28 November 2019

I have never liked appraisals and am not computer literate at all. Your app and website are excellent.User friendly and very easy to navigate. Thank you for saving me hours of work! Anonymous on 22 September 2019

very user friendly, I like that I can add info throughout the year so its not an onerous task come appraisal time Mrs Jayne Cruise on 20 September 2018

really clear and useful interface with good navigation and intuitive layout. I miss the capacity to classify QIA that Clarity had, and would welcome that, but it#'s not a game changer. Dr Tim Heywood on 13 September 2018

very happy with the toolkit as an appraiser and appraisee thank you for all your support Dr Elizabeth Madigan on 6 September 2018

A great daily tool for recording entries with ease. I have tried other appraisal tools but this is by far the best! Dr Amo Bamrah on 9 August 2018

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