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Appraisal Toolkit

Appraisal Toolkit for doctors and nurses

Thousands of medical professionals like you are switching to FourteenFish for their next appraisal. Our system is easy to use and will save you time.

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Happy Doctors

I just wanted to feed back how amazing your toolkit and app is. My appraisal prep over the year has been simple, stress free and it has saved me about 2 days of preparation time! thank you!!

Happy Doctors

Dr Helen Phillips (GP) on 9 February 2016

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Appraisal Toolkit for GPs reviews

So much better than the magmaf forms! Anonymous on 6 October 2017

Even I found it easy to use! so it must be great. Will make CPD and appraisals much easier to record and update. Anonymous on 1 March 2017

Brilliant system ! highlighted warnings etc were very helpful to prevent missing data and the whole system was far less 'clunky' Far superior to MAGMAF used previously- thank you Dr Carl Anandan on 9 January 2017

I have just signed off my pre appraisal documentation, and this has been even smoother than previous years. I like the improvements to the PDP. I am also an appraiser and refer this platform above others, thank you Anonymous on 7 January 2017

This site has made my appraisal this year a calmer experience. It gets straight to the point and is user friendly. The support is amazing. They are very prompt with any queries. Thank you to the support team. Anonymous on 11 November 2016

Really easy to use. Conveinent as entries can be saved uncompleted and edited/completed at a later date. I have been recommending Fourteen Fish to everyone I discuss appraisals with. Thank you team. Mrs Lilyma Serra-Thapa on 6 September 2016

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