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Learning Diary

A lifelong learning log that integrates with our Appraisal system. Use it on the go with the companion iPhone, iPad and Android apps.

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Three great methods of capturing your learning


Capture learning just by sending an email. Simply send or forward a message and the email with any attachments will be added to your Learning Diary.


Use our brilliant iPhone, iPad and Android apps to record learning without an internet connection or add reflections on existing entries when it's convenient for you.


Our website provides powerful features such as analysis of your learning over your different roles / scope of work. Export your learning as a PDF or add entries straight to your appraisal.

Web clipper

Use our web clipper to capture CPD from a web page in a single click. If you highlight anything on the page before clicking the icon, this will be added to the CPD entry in the notes field. Check out the video below to see it in action.

Completely free

Learning Diary is free to use, and the app is free to download. No catches, no hidden costs.


Use it with your existing appraisal system

You don't need to use our Appraisal toolkit to use the Learning Diary. Just export your learning as a great looking PDF file with embedded attachments and attach it to your MAG form.


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Learning Diary reviews

I have really enjoyed the new format. It is more practical and more effective. Trainees are able to demonstrate learning and development of capabilities. Anonymous on 18 January 2021

Yes, I think the layout works much better and ESR Preparation is easier as copies entries from logs. Also I like that there is an App that can directly upload video consultations to Fourteen Fish. Anonymous on 18 January 2021

Finally switched to fourteen fish after becoming an appraiser and realised just how easy it is to record CPD/ QIA and reflect as you are going along. Brilliant. Got all our nurses switched onto it too!! Dr Carole Gregory on 19 September 2019

I am really enjoying using Fourteen Fish! I use it while at a learning event to add notes and even reflections on my way home on the train. It would be super great if I could take a screen shot or a picture of my learning event certificates to add to the learning diary on my phone app. Shiraz Ahmed on 21 June 2018

FourteenFish are very helpful and fast in dealing with technical problems and I really like the data format. The app on my phone makes remembering to log things contemporaneously much easier. Dr Tim Deegan on 15 February 2018

Love it as an appraiser & an appraisee. Easy to use & I like the continual responsive development of the website. Dr Jayne King on 15 February 2018

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