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New Medical Appraisal Template

In response to the Covid pandemic appraisals were initially suspended. Then appraisals were restarted and a new appraisal template was provided that was designed to reduce the administrative burden of appraisals for Doctors. There was more of a focus on quality and the appraisal discussion and questions on wellbeing.

A new medical template has now been released. This has been produced by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges and builds on the previous template.

Those moving over from the appraisal template developed in response to the pandemic won't notice many changes. There are some new questions in the supporting information, to provide some structure when reflecting on your professional development since the last appraisal, but on the whole the new template should feel very familiar with some wording tweaks.

We welcome the new focus on professional well being. Our focus has always been to try and make it easy to evidence supporting information for appraisal so that quality time can be spent on the appraisal discussion. It feels like the new template only helps this.

For more information the AoMRC page on Appraisal & Revalidation is excellent.

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Tuesday 14 June 2022