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FourteenFish for Paramedics


FourteenFish was founded in 2012 with the aim of offering GPs a better way of recording CPD and performing appraisals. We have since developed appraisal capabilities for numerous other healthcare professionals and we are now very excited to be working with paramedics.

Our system is used by thousands of healthcare professionals across the UK and internationally to help log learning and complete their appraisal requirements, with our help and support should you require it.



Built around you

The FourteenFish website is quick to load, and even quicker to find your way around.

We’ve thought through all the details and worked with doctors over the past 6 years to create an online appraisal system that is a joy to use. We have maintained the same great system but edited some of the content so it matches better to the specific needs of paramedics. The platform looks great on big screens, small screens, tablets and smartphones.



Collaboration with the College of Paramedics

FourteenFish has worked with the College of Paramedics to understand the needs of paramedics and has developed and adapted our established platform so you can document and record your all your development and learning.

The College of Paramedics has more information on how to use the FourteenFish Portfolio - click the link below to read more:

Click here to go to the College of Paramedics website



Capability Mapping system

The FourteenFish e-portfolio allows paramedics to map their postgraduate and CPD learning to the capabilities relevant to their individual career progression.

We have initially added the HEE roadmap for FCP paramedics and advancing practitioners in primary care. As our platform is used by other healthcare professionals and GPs, this makes the supervision process easy to navigate for the sign-off or appraisal processes.

We are continuing to develop the e-portfolio to include the common capabilities for paramedics working in other non-traditional clinical environments, such as walk in or out of hours centres. Hopefully, we will enable paramedics to be able to map their whole career from NQP to consultant paramedic.




  • £42 per year to subscribe to as an individual
  • 10% group discount available if purchasing for a team of five or more users
  • Full members of the College of Paramedics can subscribe with even greater discount - check out their website here for more information!


  • iPhone, iPad and Android app
  • Capture CPD by sending an email
  • ISO 27001 certified
  • Excellent support, should you need it
  • Customisable and affordable
  • Fully integrated system

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