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FourteenFish Beta

Over the past 6 months, we’ve been working on some big changes to FourteenFish.

We’ve collaborated with appraisees, appraisers and trainees to help us improve the usability of the system. And from today, we’re inviting all our users to try the beta version of the system by going to

After logging in, you’ll see that we’ve organised everything into five areas:

  • Dashboard
  • Portfolio (the new name for the Learning Diary and Appraisal Toolkit)
  • Education 
  • Communities
  • Surveys

These are shown along the top of the screen. If you’re using FourteenFish on your phone then these five areas are still there, with no hidden menus.


The new Dashboard is a carefully organised overview your FourteenFish account.

It includes things like a counter of your CPD credits, messages from your appraiser, and notifications from your communities. You can also quickly record any learning straight from your Dashboard, which then takes you to the CPD entry screen.


The Portfolio section is the new name for the Appraisal Toolkit and Learning Diary.

Everything to do with your appraisal and ongoing professional development is in the Portfolio section, and we’ve made some big improvements to the appraisal overview screen. For example, we’ve put a handy summary of your agreed PDP goals over here so you can easily refer back to them throughout the year. If you want to access a list of all your supporting information like you used to get in the Learning Diary, just click on All Entries.


The Education section is home to all our online learning  resources, like the GP Library as well as our AKT and CSA exam packages and our Minor Surgery theory course. These packages are now easier navigate, especially on a phone or tablet.

We recognise that a growing number of our users may not be in Primary Care but we have had feedback that the GP Library is useful viewing for secondary care and a range of different health professionals so we still show this to everyone.


Communities and area is largely unchanged, so this section will feel instantly familiar to you.


Like Communities, this section is very similar to the current FourteenFish. In the next few months we will be making some big improvements here to make it easier to set up and carry out your surveys.

What about the Learning Diary app?

The Learning Diary mobile app will still work just as before. In the next few months we will be updating the app to be called Portfolio and adding some exciting new features. We’ll let you know when it’s ready!

Try out the beta today

You can start using the beta version of FourteenFish straight away, and we'll be officially launching the new system in around June or July. It doesn't matter if you switch back and forth between the beta and the regular versions, as all your data is stored in one place.

Please let us know what you think of the changes. We're really keen to hear your feedback, and any suggestions you have.

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Tuesday 21 May 2019