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Over 50 organisations use the FourteenFish platform to manage their membership databases, websites and events. This announcement only affects users who are part of these organisations – typically LMCs and other membership organisations.

If you are set up on FourteenFish as an “admin user” then you will see a dedicated button in the dark bar at the top of the screen which takes you to your organisation’s database management page.

Old FishBase link

We are in the process of launching a brand new version of FourteenFish, which really simplifies the interface. As part of this, we are pulling the database management system out of and moving it to a new system at

From Wednesday 15th May (one week from today), we will automatically redirect any admin users from FourteenFish to FishBase as soon as you try and access any admin related pages. The button circled above will be removed.

From today, you can try out the new system by visiting directly.

Logging in to FishBase

The FourteenFish and FishBase websites both share the same login system. This means that you log into FishBase using the same email and password that you are used to using. 

If your browser has saved your password on FourteenFish, you will need to re-enter it on FishBase. If you can’t remember it, just click on the “Forgotten your password?” link on the login screen to set a new one. Note that will also update your password on FourteenFish.

Reset your password

What else has changed?

The interface should feel very familiar to you, and almost everything is in the same place as before.

We have got rid of the “compact” view where the left hand sidebar became hidden and was toggled with the little menu icon in the top left corner. We found this caused a lot of confusion with people wondering where their sidebar options had gone.

New users can’t sign up for a new user account on FishBase. Instead, someone for your organisation needs to go to the Settings area on FishBase and invite them from there.

We hope you like the changes

We think this is big improvement to the system, and we look forward to hearing any feedback you have.


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Wednesday 8 May 2019