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Introducing our iPhone and iPad app

Our app has been available to download for a couple of months now, but we've held off publicising it heavily as we wanted to make sure it worked well and get feedback from a small group of users before encouraging everyone to use it.

If you haven't downloaded it already you can download it for free from the App Store: Learning Diary app

So what's the point of an app?

Our website works fine on an iPhone or iPad, so why bother with an app?

The main benefit of using the app is that it allows you to add and update stuff on the go. This means you don't need to have an internet connection or be at your desk, you have your full learning diary in your pocket all the time.

It's also easier, quicker and more convenient to use the app instead of logging into the website via Safari on your phone.

The app allows you to record CPD, PDP (personal development plan), Quality Improvement Activities, Significant Events, Colleague Feedback, Patient Feedback and Additional entries. This means that you can be adding to it throughout the year and when the time comes to prepare for your appraisal a lot of the hard work is already done.

Key features

  • Syncs automatically with the Revalidation Toolkit website 
  • Use the app offline to reflect on your existing learning or add new entries
  • Optimised for the new iPhone 6 as well as iPhone 4 and iPhone 5
  • Assign entries to your different scopes of work (eg. GP, Teacher)
  • Create tags to help organise your entries

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Friday 27 February 2015