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We’ve had a makeover!

We're always looking for ways to make our website easier to use. Today we've launched our new website design which uses a wider layout to make better use of the available space. We've also made over 100 smaller usability improvements.

You can now quickly switch between areas using the new left hand sidebar, and navigating within an area is now done from the sidebar as well. 

This adds up to less scrolling, and a more focused view of the current area.

Widescreen design

The layout within each area is largely unchanged, so you should immediately feel at home with the new design. If you have any questions, you can of course  contact us.

Separate area for appraisers

appraisers area

Previously, appraisers had to go via their own appraisal to get to the Appraiser’s Area which wasn't very intuitive. It also made it too easy for appraisers to accidentally switch to their own appraisal when viewing information for an appraisee.

The new layout separates the two areas much more clearly. We're really keen to hear any feedback from appraisers, so please let us know about any suggestions you have.

AKT Package revamp

AKT dashboard

One of the areas that's had a big redesign is our Pass the AKT package. The whole package is now much more clearly laid out – we think you're going to love


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Tuesday 20 June 2017