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Appraisal is back, but not as we know it

We expect you've heard that medical appraisals are resuming from October. The good news is that the GMC, AoMRC and BMA have agreed a new "rebalanced" Medical Appraisal 2020 process, which should reduce the amount of time it takes you to prepare for your appraisal and make it more supportive for you.

The new appraisal format is ready to use

We've worked hard to adapt our system to fit with the new process, and you can start using  FourteenFish today to help decrease your workload as appraisals restart.

New appraisal layout

Your existing data will be transferred

Any work you have already done in your appraisal portfolio will be automatically transferred to the appropriate place for the new process. This includes your details, scope of work, previous PDP and appraisals, and any CPD, QIA, Significant Events, compliments, complaints or feedback you have entered since your last appraisal.

For the areas that don't feature in the new format, you'll be alerted if you have put anything in these areas and told where the information has gone should you ever want to refer to it

How do I use the new format?

If you've used FourteenFish previously for your appraisal, then next time you log in to go to the Portfolio section you'll be given the option to switch to the new format.

Do I have to use the new format?

We would encourage doctors to use the new format, although if you had already almost completed your appraisal preparation in the previous format, you may wish to stick with that and simply add the new reflections on health and wellbeing. 

It should take significantly less time to complete your pre-appraisal preparation now. In testing, the vast majority of doctors completed their focused reflection in around 30 minutes. The new process will free up your time and allow you to focus on your wellbeing and the challenges that doctors face. 

Wellbeing focus

You can still use our free Learning Diary to keep a log of your CPD etc throughout the year, and it will all pull into the new appraisal template – but you don't need to worry about reflecting on everything. There is no requirement to count credits or hours of CPD or QIA at all in the Medical Appraisal 2020 process, in recognition of the fact that the pandemic has disrupted the ability of many doctors to collect their usual supporting information. 

Not using FourteenFish yet?

Now is the perfect time to switch. The new appraisal template is even easier to use, and our team is on standby to help you make the switch.

We'll transfer your information for you

This is a free service. Just upload your previous appraisal summary to the Switch to us page on FourteenFish and we will do the rest. We expect to be quite busy, but within a few days you should hear back from us to say that all your information has been put into the right place on the FourteenFish system.

Try it for free

It's completely free to try the new appraisal system. Just  log in to FourteenFish and go to the Portfolio section.

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Friday 4 September 2020