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You asked, we delivered.

Actually nobody asked, but we thought we'd kick off 2018 by launching a subtle visual refresh of our products.

Why the change?

Most of our icons were designed in 2013, and we've expanded our offering a lot since then with things like the Library and more recently our Compliance Passport. The old icons looked alright, but we felt we could do better.

The new arrivals

Our new product icons all share a modern outline style, with two shades of a single colour in each icon. This creates more harmony throughout the system.

Old and new icons

You might see our old icons in screenshots and on our mobile apps for a while, but we'll be bringing these in line soon. 

Other changes

The Feedback section has been renamed to Surveys as people often thought that "feedback" meant giving feedback about FourteenFish. You can do that here by the way :)

We've also taken the opportunity to change the colour of the Appraiser's Area which now uses the same colour as the Appraisal Toolkit


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Tuesday 16 January 2018