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Find out about Notifications

Today we rolled out a new feature on the FourteenFish website – notifications!

The main purpose of this is so that you can get notified about stuff happening in your Communities.

What are Communities? 

Communities are basically groups (public or private) that anyone can form on our website for discussing things, storing important documents etc. Think of them like a cross between an Intranet and a social network like Facebook.

Communities equation

Anyone can set up a community, or you can see what ones are already available. Just log into your account and click Communities on the top grey bar.

Notifications in action

Here's what the feature looks like. It's not available on the mobile version of our website yet, but it will be soon.

Notifications in action

As you can see, we're also planning to use the notifications system to give you some helpful tips and let you know about things like when we launch new learning modules in the Library.

We promise not to spam you with dozens of useless notifications – most of what you see will be related to important things like new comments in a Community or something from our Appraisal Toolkit (which is awesome by the way ?? ).

Is there an app for that?

Not yet, but there will be one day. At the moment notifications are only available on our website.

We think this is huge

This might seem like a little thing, just a few pixels in the header of our website changing, but our vision is that this will change the way you interact with the FourteenFish website. Previously, notifications appeared in arbitrary and inconsistent places (for example, when your appraisal is ready for you to review) and sometimes you were also notified via email, sometimes not.

The new notifications system is flexible and scalable, and will provide a consistent and unified place where we can update you about things that are import to you.

Your time is precious, and we want to make sure your interactions with us are as efficient as possible.


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Tuesday 14 June 2016