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FourteenFish and RCGP announce a new Trainee Portfolio

We are thrilled to have been selected as the new supplier for the Trainee Portfolio for the Royal College of GPs.

The new Trainee Portfolio will be powered by the same platform as the FourteenFish Appraisal system which is used by thousands of GPs across the UK.

What should GP Trainees expect?

Here are a just a few of a whole host of improvements... 

Easier to use

Built around the modern FourteenFish Portfolio platform that is used by thousands of GPs across the UK for their annual appraisals. 

Mobile app

Record learning logs and review existing entries on the go. Even if you don't have an internet connection. 

Track your progress

Are you on track for your next ESR? Have you demonstrated all the required capabilities? See all this at a glance on your new Dashboard. 

Powerful features

Like built-in artificial intelligence that automatically scans your portfolio for sensitive data that shouldn't be included. 

Save time

With fewer pop-up boxes to read, and fewer clicks to access key areas of the system. 

A hugely exciting opportunity for FourteenFish

"Despite not working as a clinical GP any more, my heart is still very much in General Practice. It has been a great privilege to be part of appraisals and the feedback we receive seems to suggest that we have made a positive impact. To be able to take our experience of providing an Appraisal Portfolio and apply this to GP Training with the RCGP is hugely exciting. Being a GP trainer is one of the aspects of General Practice I miss the most and it is an honour that the RCGP has chosen us to work with them to provide a new version of their Trainee Portfolio."

Dr Duncan Walling
Co-Founder and CEO

Find out more

There is more information available on the RCGP website...


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Thursday 12 September 2019