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Helping General Practice

I certainly don't remember a time when General Practice was more under strain. The increasing work demands, along with decreasing funding, means that practices are looking for smarter and more efficient ways of working.

We can't claim to change this for practices but we do have provide tools that might make life a little easier and some you may not have been aware of.

Don't have an intranet? 

If you don't feel you need a dedicated intranet then you could use our Communities and library feature as a secure space to share and store useful resources. The resources can be useful documents, significant events or policies and procedures. Our communities feature is easy to set up for your practice and you can be a member of multiple different communities (for example management team, clinical team etc.)

Within the community you can also start discussions and share learning.

Friends and Family

Our friends and family solution has been going for a year now and it remains extremely popular with the practices that are using it. As with all our tools we kept it simple with more powerful features if you wish to tap into them.

Once it is set up the system takes care of itself with the information that you need to submit to NHS England emailed to you automatically every month.

Meeting Agendas

We are really proud of our website OnOurAgenda This is for setting up meeting agendas (it's really nice for teams to collaborate on the agenda), storing meeting minutes and actions and running the meetings. If you haven't had a look already then it is worth a visit - we use it all the time!

Future work

We get a lot of satisfaction from providing powerful, user friendly tools and we are always keen to hear from our users for anything that could be improved or if anything isn't clear. Please do let us know if this is the case or if there is anything we could add that might make your busy life that bit easier.

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Thursday 27 August 2015