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It's the little things

I hate saying this but social media does not come naturally to me. I hate saying it because I have always been an early adopter, into technology and admitting it doesn't come easy is admitting that I recognise that I am now behind the curve. Over the last 6 months I have made a conscious effort to post more and have learnt from younger colleagues to whom it appears second nature. I reckon I am now starting to get it.

One of the unexpected side effects of consciously starting to post more is that I am appreciating the little things. This morning I saw a spiders web highlighted by dew and my first thought was how beautiful and the second thought was "I could instragram that". Often it is the other way round.

Small spider web

Now I realise this is a leap but I reckon the same thing has happened to me from getting in the habit of regularly recording my CPD. Just the act of doing this, making it a habit, means that it gives me time to reflect and sometimes appreciate the learning and reflect when perhaps I wouldn't have done before.

Social media and mobile devices are often criticised as making us more detached from the world around us and I hadn't expected that for me it would provide the opposite benefit. 

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Tuesday 23 August 2016