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Confidence in the Menopause

By Newson Health Research and Education

This is aimed at any healthcare professional who sees women and who would like to formalise and accredit their learning and consulting skills around the area of the menopause.

The programme delivers knowledge to consult, prescribe and monitor women with hormones changes due to the menopause, and empower the management of complex cases such as those with family history of cancer or clot disease safely and confidently. You will also get peer support and can submit queries through the community section.

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Many GPs, nurses and pharmacists feel deskilled in this area as we have moved through nearly two decades of the media demonising HRT.  The result of this is that many women now struggle to access up to date information about the menopause in general, as well as HRT. Given the menopause affects half the population and has huge implications for women’s physical and psychological health there needs to be much greater access for women to help at this crucial time in their lives from their primary care team.



General practice is a hugely busy and demanding place for all who work in it and education needs to be readily available, simple to access, relevant, evidence-based and fun.  This remote menopause education programme aims to deliver that in a simple modular package consisting of numerous lectures and a series of different video-based e-consultations with MCQ assessment. This is CPD accredited with a certificate received after completing each section.

This online education package takes the healthcare professional into the consultation room with a doctor / nurse and their patient. Through in-depth case studies, brought to life through video resources, you will learn how to assess and manage women in the menopause and perimenopause.

13 May 2021

We have collaborated with Newson Health Research and Education to offer FREE access to this course for one health professional per GP practice across the UK.

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