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New NHS England Guidance in a Nutshell

NHS England released new guidance last week. Here is what it said in a nutshell...

If you are a Doctor working less than 40 sessions per year you will now be required to fill in one SRT form as part of your appraisal. For more details on this change and a more in-depth look at where this guidance came from we recommend this great blog by Dr Mark Sanford-Wood from the BMA.

Like with all new guidance we feel it is vital our appraisal toolkit stays on top of the changes and we update our system regularly to maintain the quality of our product. If you are one of the Doctors affected by this you will find the new SRT form in 'My roles' on your 'Appraisal Overview' page under 'My Details'...



As always if you are in any doubt or if you have any question please do not hesitate to contact us, we are always happy to help –

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Tuesday 24 July 2018