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Support backlog

Dear Users,

At FourteenFish we pride ourselves on two things – our easy to use systems and our excellent support service.

We have always worked hard to make sure that we provide a quick and informed support service but we realise that over the last couple of months we have been struggling to maintain this due to our Support inbox being inundated with requests. 

This has been the result of a combination of events over the last few months, which include:

  • Working with the RCGP to transfer GP trainees’ data from their previous portfolio to our RCGP trainee portfolio 
  • Handling the support that has been generated from these migrations from Trainees, Supervisors and the Deanery Admin Teams
  • Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we have helped the RCGP to create an online RCA examination system as a replacement for the CSA 
  • Creating a new Appraisal format following Covid-19
  • Appraisals recently being restarted and their support

At the current time we are working our way through the backlog of existing enquiries and we realise the issue has become self perpetuating. 

Our core reason for existing is to help stressed / busy individuals receive a prompt reply and apologise the stress that may have occurred due to not receiving our usual quick turnaround time. We appreciate this has led to wanting to follow up messages to get quicker replies as well as queries vastly turning from a normal level of urgency to high. 

In order to get through the volume of enquiries still outstanding and to help alleviate any stress we have made the following changes:

  • All members of staff that are able to answer support messages have been taken off of other projects
  • We have adjusted the content of our messages so they may appear shorter but we just want to help answer queries as quickly as we can
  • We have recruited five new full-time members of staff to expand our capacity
  • All new developments on the system at this time have halted
  • A few weeks ago we took the difficult decision to turn off the phones because this allowed users to effectively “jump the queue” and meant that our team would be spending the same amount of time on a call than they would answering multiple tickets

Providing outstanding support within our organisation has been, and always will be, our core concern so we hope to get this back to our usual level of service shortly.

Again we do apologise for any delay in getting back to you and we thank you so much for your patience.

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Monday 12 October 2020