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The Library app

The FourteenFish Library is a collection of over 50 CPD video modules created by FourteenFish covering common General Practice topics and over 900 knowledge test questions.

These videos are updated when new guidance is released and brand new videos are added every month. 

In addition to the videos, you can take an optional test before and after watching videos, a great way to test your knowledge and provide material for your appraisal.

Check out our newest releases... 

CPD whenever and wherever it suits you

The new  Library app for iPhone and iPad allows you to do all of this on the go! Watch videos, take a knowledge test and record learning directly into your appraisal all from one app.

Download videos to watch on the train, listen to in the car, watch during your lunch, in bed, on the beach, Library and chill with a friend... the list goes on. 

There are two free modules for you to try, and you can subscribe to the full FourteenFish Library for £5.99 a month. Cancel any time – the subscription can be stopped and started to suit you. If you already use the Library then just log into your FourteenFish account in the app.

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Tuesday 14 August 2018