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FourteenFish Tips #2: Record CPD just by sending an email

Picture this, you are at work and you get, a very rare, 5  minutes before your next patient walks through your door. You panic a little. ‘5 minutes!!! Quick! Think! What shall I do?’  Eureka!….emails!’ 

You check your inbox, and it looks like a friend has forwarded a fantastic blog article to you about leadership or organisation or STIs. 4 minutes, how thoughtful of them. You read a few lines, 3 minutes left, as you are reading you have already mentally noted a few learning points that will make fantastic CPD. 2 minutes left, you want to capture these points, finish reading the article AND reflect on them but now you only have 1 minute left. 

You hit the forward button. In the ‘To’ box you type you hit send, the door opens and you see Mrs Fisher and her 5 darling children walking, running and jumping into the room, you forget everything you just read but thats fine it’s now sat in your Learning Diary waiting for you to recap and add some reflection tonight, in a week, next year, on the app or on your computer!

Capturing learning just got easier.

As always if you have any questions or feedback we are always happy to hear from you so drop us an email! 


Check out this (quite cheesy) video to see it in action.

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Monday 7 November 2016