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A year of Facebook LIVE with Dr Coombe

As you may know we have a few online packages, two of which are the Passing the AKT Package and the CSA Package .

These online packages are made up of videos and a question bank designed to help GP Trainees study and pass their exams.

The Packages were created by us with the help of Dr Mark Coombe our lead medical educator, a GP Partner, RCGP Examiner and GP Trainer. The Packages have been around for about a year now and the results are looking great! For example, in the last year, our AKT package has shown that it will increase the chances of a GP Trainee passing the AKT first time by 22%. The feedback we have been getting from our users is fantastic too. r

In addition to the packages Dr Mark Coombe and ourselves have been providing some extra resources to help GP Trainees pass their exams. This includes the FourteenFish Communities for AKT and CSA, a platform to ask questions to other GP Trainees and Dr Coombe himself.

Another opportunity to ask questions and seek advice from Dr Coombe is our Facebook Live evenings. Roughly once a month Dr Coombe and Liz Lyall (FourteenFish team member), have been putting on Facebook Live events in the evening. Here Mark goes over his best advice for the upcoming exams and GP Trainees have the opportunity to ask questions.

We have a brilliant turn out for these events and we feel like the videos created as a result of the evening are valuable resources to share. We have started adding the latest Facebook Live videos to the CSA and AKT Communities and we will now continue to do that after every event. However, we feel it would be great to have the last years worth of Facebook Live Q & A videos in one place for everyone to watch back over if they have their exams coming up.

We hope you find the videos helpful! Whether you have your exams coming up or if you have finished your exams and you know of a GP Trainee please share this resource with them as it could prove to be invaluable to them.

Here are the videos, we have displayed under each one some useful time tags. Enjoy and good luck!


0:01 Introduction 1:29

1:30 What to do in the last 2 weeks 3:51

3:52 31/01/2018 examiner feedback 17:40

17:41 Summary 19:34


0:01 Introduction 2:24

2:25 Clinical 6:45

6:46 Admin & Stats 10:00

10:01 Exam day Prep 15:37

15:38 The exam 20:10

2:11 Summary 21:20

21:21 Questions 33:31


0:01 Introduction 1:32

1:33 What is the CSA 4:00

4:01 Case management technique 20:03

20:04 Summary 20:55

20:56 Questions 28:48


0:01 Introduction 1:25

1:26 What is the CSA? 8:35

8:36 Data Gathering 11:58

11:59 Clinical Management 17:35

17:36 Why do candidates fail? 20:45

20:46 Why do candidates pass? 24:42

24:43 Summary 26:40

26:41 Question 51:26


0:01 Introduction 3:35

3:36 What to expect in the CSA consultations. Do's & don'ts. 21:55

21:56 Trainee Q&A 45:24


0:01 Introduction 1:06

1:07 What to revise now (with only a few weeks to go) 7:25

7:26 Exam technique 14:10

14:11 Q&A 31:26

What is Facebook Live?

It’s a live video broadcast by us on Facebook , on the night you can interact with us by typing comments. The comments pop up as the video is happening for Mark and Liz to see and Mark will answer as many questions as he can! 

You'll need a good internet connection (WiFi or 4G ideally) to join us since the video will be streaming live and you can watch on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

To watch the broadcast, just go to our Facebook page a few minutes before the event starts (usually 7pm midweek) and look for the Facebook Live video, usually at the top of our page.

Make sure you don’t miss the next one by checking your emails from us and don’t forget to follow us on social media, Twitter and Facebook !

Who is Dr Mark Coombe?

Dr Coombe MB BS FRC GPM FFPD RCOGP GCE is a working GP in Hampshire.  He is a senior partner and GP trainer in a semi-rural practice.  Although a true generalist he is a leading authority on communications skills and the consultation and has a specialist interest in education and assessment.  

Mark was the Director of education for Wessex faculty for 10 years creating an extensive training program for primary care and has been part of the team creating and managing the licensing exam (Clinical Skills Assessment CSA) for UK GPs.

In the last 2 years, he has also produced his fifth educational film, lectured nationally and internationally and been the medical advisor to Channel 4's ‘Food Hospital’.   

Mark has been working with the team at FourteenFish since January 2016.  Our aim is to provide innovative new ways of professional development and making learning, appraisal and revalidation easy.

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Monday 9 April 2018